Acosonic Products
Acosonic products are manufactured by anISO 9001-2000 certified company. We are a manufacturer of Acosonic products and have a manufacturing unit at Shahpur Dist,Thane. Acosonic are insulation Roll and Blocks made of Thermally-Bonded Polyester Fibers. The Acosnic products are used as:
> Architectural Solutions - Acosonic provides innovative design solutions for walls and ceilings with an emphasis on architectural acoustics, audio-visual and noise/vibration that ensures building interiors not only look good but sound great. This is big plus to design communities and the building ecosystem since end-users appreciate such spaces better. It pays to start from concept stage with Acosonic for the project specifications. Our Products are well recognized in their categories.
> Thermal Solutions - Acosonic can be simply rolled out over the top of ceiling joists, walls to create a warmer, drier home in winter & cooler in summer. This helps to save significantly on every tiles and Doors for cooling or heating your home, offices, etc.
> Noise Barriers Solutions - Most residents near a barrier seem to feel that highway noise barriers effectively reduce traffic noise and that the benefits of barriers far outweigh the disadvantages of barriers. While noise barriers do not eliminate all highway traffic noise, they do reduce it substantially and improve the quality of life for people who live adjacent to busy highways.
> Turnkey Projects - Acosonic also offers Turnkey Solution for all types of Acoustics and Thermal Insulations for Airports, Bridges, Flyovers, Noise Barriers and Similar Large Installation for both outdoor and indoor Solutions.
The features of Acosonic products are:
• Eco Friendly
• Non Toxic.
• Non Irritating
• Non Allergenic.
• Recyclable Green Product.
• Highly Durable.
• No Sagging easy to handle
• No Glasswoven cloth is required.
There are no resins and the product is totally chemically free. This makes it a very safe and hygienic product to install and use. Acosonic Regarding Density reliability is also assured. It is made to last for years. It is not affected by moisture or mildew and is resistant to insect and vermin attack.

Acosonic Insulation products are made from durable, safe and friendly fiber. We call also it as “friendly fiber” because apart from eco-friendly its non-toxic, non-irritating non-allergenic & safe for any one coming in to contact with it. When it comes to your home, family and society at large it just makes sense to insulate with trusted, safe and friendly insulation products.