Particular Forms
Compliance Certificate from Practising Company Secretary
Pricing Certificate
Valuation Report
Form 15G
Form 15H
Form 10F
Self Declaration Form
SEBI Circulars on Dispute Resolution Mechanism
Form ISR-1 - Updation of PAN and KYC details
Form ISR- 2 - Updation of Signature
Form ISR - 3 - Declaration of Form for Opting-Out of Nomination
Form ISR - 4 - Issuance of Securities in Dematerialized and other service requests
Form SH-13 - Nomination Form
Form SH-14 - Cancellation or Variation of Nomination
SEBI Circular dated 25.05.2022
SEBI Circular dated January 25, 2022
SEBI Circular dated December 14, 2021
SEBI Circular dated November 03, 2021