We manufacture Densified Thermal Bonded Blocks. This product is made from Recron, a non-flammable substitute for foam, supplied by Reliance Industries, is used in the manufacturing of seats & berths of coaches. We have been supplying the product to the railways for over a decade now and by virtue of being a long-time vendor are placed very strongly.

Traditionally, the Indian Railways had been using PU foam as the cushioning and seating material for the berths in most travel classes. However, with the increased focus on passengers' safety and advances in fibre technology, the Indian Railways is now using Densified Thermal Bonded Polyester Blocks in place of PU foam as a cushioning material in all coaches since 2006.

These Densified Thermal Bonded Polyester Blocks are made predominantly with specialty recron fibres they have replaced traditional PU foam as cushioning material mainly due to their unique distinction with respect to fire retardancy properties. The company has set up sophisticated manufacturing facility which is coupled with great technological superiority.